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The good news is, I can totally help you feel better! And guess what? It's super simple. We take it nice and slow and make small changes over time that create big, big results. The transforming, holy cow, didn't know that I could do that kind of changes. Are you ready? It all starts with food. Because food is medicine!

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Will Eating Fat Make You Fat?

  If you eat fat, you get fat, right? Nope! That statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. The “non-fat” health trend from the 90’s has actually made America fat.   You remember SnackWell cookies? I used to eat an entire box of them at one time. They had no fat, so I couldn’t gain weight, right!? Ha!   When you eat “non-fat” or “low-fat” foods, you are eating products that have added sugar in them. You see, when food manufacturers take the fat out, the food tastes terrible! So they have to add sugar in to make it taste good. And sugar WILL make you fat. Stay away from anything that says “diet,” “non-fat,” “fat-free,” or “sugar-free.”   Sixty percent of our brain is made up of fat. So if you have brain fog, feel forgetful, or absent-minded, then I suggest you eat more healthy fats!
You must become a “fat savvy” consumer. Knowing which fats are good and which fats are bad is critical to maintaining a healthy life.   When reading labels, keep your eyes open for dangerous “trans-fats.” There are some loopholes that food manufacturers are allowed to use in order to sneak trans-fat into their products. Partially-hydrogenated oils are trans-fat. When a fat molecule is partially hydrogenated, the fat is carried around in the blood and leads to plaque buildup in the arteries. Although a product may say ‘0g trans-fat’, this may not be true. Only foods and supplements with 0.5g of trans-fat and greater are required to be listed on the food label. Next time you browse a label, search the ingredient list for the term ‘partially hydrogenated’ and do not buy it if you see it!   Saturated fats are found in animal products such as butter, cheese, whole milk, ice cream, cream, and fatty meats. Read More

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Change Your Gut & Change Your Life

    If you have stress in your life (and who doesn’t) or if you have taken an antibiotic in your lifetime, then you need to boost your gut health. Most American’s colons have an overgrowth of candida, fungus and bad bacteria that is preventing them from feeling awesome. Gut problems are very prevalent and cause major distress in many people’s lives.   In fact, it is estimated that over 100 million Americans suffer from digestive problems. But if you are like me, I didn’t even realize my gut the reason why I was feeling so tired. Poor gut health symptoms can include asthma, allergies, fatigue, arthritis, acne, rashes, dementia, mood problems, depression, anxiety, bloating, cravings, and inflammation. Many people don’t understand that if they fixed the problems in their gut, these symptoms would lessen or even disappear.   Hippocrates, the ancient philosopher and physician credited as being the father of medicine, warned that all disease starts in the gut. The digestive system has two main functions: to convert food into nutrients your body needs and to rid the body of waste. Let me tell you, if these two things aren’t happening properly, then you are going to feel like you have been run over by a truck.   Think of it this way: your colon is the General overseeing the critical defense Army in your body. The gut allows you to absorb nutrients through digestion = hello more energy The colon keeps your immune system in tip-top shape = hello infrequent sickness and disease prevention The large intestine gets rid of toxic waste that’s dragging you down = goodbye bloating and inflammation The Read More

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Love Yourself As God Loves You

Love Yourself As God Loves You                         First things first.   You are awesome. You are perfect. You are exactly where you should be. Right here, right now. Not 10 pounds from now or two pant sizes from now. Not when you have a million dollars in your bank account. And not when you land that mind-blowing job or find a perfect mate. The first step to loving your life – and achieving any health goal – is to love yourself as you are. Not what you wish you were. And certainly not what you wish you had. Accept yourself where you are at NOW.   Let that sink in a bit. How would your life change if you weren’t spending time chasing a certain number on the scale? Or criticizing yourself constantly? Or focusing on your to-do list instead of your soul-stirring list? Are you busy being busy? What could you be missing while rushing to and fro? Think about things that get your heart beating or that make you sweat. What excites you? Are you doing those things daily?   Loving yourself is the single most important thing you can do to reach your goals. For most of us, this doesn’t come naturally. We really have to work on complimenting ourselves and affirming that we are great exactly how we are.   If you are like me, the thoughts that infiltrate your mind all day long look a lot like this: “You are fat.” “You aren’t good enough.” “That was dumb.” “I can’t believe Read More