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Love. Your. Life. More.

Because when you feel better, you live life more. You show up more. You participate in more. You do more.

The good news is, I can totally help you feel better! And guess what? It's super simple. We take it nice and slow and make small changes over time that create big, big results. The transforming, holy cow, didn't know that I could do that kind of changes. Are you ready? It all starts with food. Because food is medicine!

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greenest smoothie

Greenest Green Smoothie

  Sometimes you just need fruits and veggies. No protein powder. No coconut or almond milk. No frills. Just fruits and vegetables to get you feeling happy, light and clear. This is that smoothie. Loaded with green veggies, this smoothie packs a Read More


Protein Packed Green Smoothie

  I love green smoothies! They make a great meal or snack on the go. It’s important to incorporate protein as part of your green smoothie if you are using it as your meal. I am not a big fan of dairy or protein powders as they both tend to Read More

celeste photo

Q&A With Plexus Icon Celeste Gwynn

  Celeste Gwynn is a Plexus celebrity!¬†Putting that aside, she is also one of the most funny, genuine, down-to-earth, and Jesus-loving gals that I have ever met! During our 3-hour interview, we laughed and we cried! I enjoyed every single second Read More